A smooth and sweet blend of Barbadian 3 and 5 year White Americn Oak barrel age rums, twinned with a Cuban 5 year aged and a Dominican Republic fresh brings a sought-after and traditional quality to this modern and vibrant brand.

Pot and Column stilled blends can offer a depth of flavour that unfolds as you drink it, matched with the sweetness you hope for when enjoying a rum of this style. 

All this is exactly what Sun Rum gives you. Those dedicated rum fans that have bought you this one of a kind spirit are looking forward to the many years of enjoyment to come!

Perfectly sip-able alone, or with ice, however we recommend a strong ginger beer mixer or possibly a cool cola to match it. 

And cocktails...? Believe us, Sun Rum will give a new twist to your classic Mojito, Pina Colada or Mai Tai.